A unique place to learn the guitar.


Welcome to The Guitar Studio Basel!

In this website you can find out about the school’s unique approach
to music education and apply to classes.

Enjoy the visit and feel free to write with any questions or comments you may have.


Make music

Each of our lessons includes a variety of material to play. We practice together until it sets confidently in your ears and hands.

Express yourself

Feel free to bring your favourite song or piece to the lesson.
I bring in my experience and my long-tested method.

Learn about music

As you learn to play, you also learn how music is conceived, arranged and composed, and how to compose your own pieces.

Explore it

The Guitar Studio offers lessons
in a broad range of styles and instruments, from the Banjo to the Lute.

Join the club

Become part of a community of music enthusiasts, and share your experience with new people.

Have a good time

The studio is a place to unwind, relax, and make good music.
Step in and have fun!

Book your trial lesson and start today.