A plan made for you.


We are all arriving to the music lessons from very different life routines.
And to match to these differences, the following plans are offered.

Choose a plan that fits your wishes and create your own “musical day” among your activities.

The first lesson is for you to see how I teach and to decide if it suits you.
It is offered at
50% discount.



Perfect for anyone who wishes to take lessons occasionally

(twice a month or less)

45 minutes - 75 chf
60 minutes - 90 chf

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Attractive to those beginning to play
and are able to commit

45 minutes - 65 chf
60 minutes - 80 chf

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Great for learning together with your friends or family!
*extra 20% discount for families*

45 minutes - 45 chf/person
60 minutes - 55 chf/person

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For Kids

Best for children
up to 10 years,
just beginning to play

30 minutes - 50 chf
20 min. twice a week - 60 chf

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Gift Voucher

Wonderful to give as a present
to your friend - or to yourself!

3 lessons x 45 min. - 210 chf
3 lessons x 60 min. - 250 chf

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via Skype

HD audio/video system
for uncompromised quality

Prices are same as above

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