A unique learning experience.

The journey we begin when we take an instrument to our hands is a long and meaningful one. It blends so well all the ingredients that we bring with us: curiosity, excitement, motivation, personality, dedication - with those that we receive from the teacher, such as technical and musical skills, listening and ear-training, analytic tools and guitar rudiments.

As a performing artist since 1997 with over twenty years of teaching experience, I have earned the confidence to give you the skills and allow you to observe inwards as you refine them. And while the guitar reflects so intimately the person within, it is also the perfect instrument to express ourselves and communicate outwards.

The themes we cover are chords, scales, harmony, voice-leading, solo, accompaniment, improvisation, reading notes and tablature… always with awareness of how these concepts connect to each other and to your wishes. The work is demanding but I do offer an effortless and rewarding journey with the guitar.

My unique method brings together elements from many styles, combining classical, pop, blues, jazz, and folk music into a very personal learning experience.

I am very experienced and passionate about teaching beginners and advanced students of all ages. I require no previous knowledge - just bring your curiosity about the guitar with you:)

You are very welcome to start from the first step.

I would be glad to meet for a trial lesson, offered at 50% discount, and introduce my way of teaching in person.

If you are interested, please feel free to apply below.

Michael Ely
Founder, The Guitar Studio Basel

My education:

2018 - 2022: Feldenkrais Training (practitioner certificate)
Feldenkrais Center Biel
Educational director: Elizabeth Beringer

2013 - 2017: MA Performance (Lute and Guitar)
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Classes of Eduardo Egüez and Anders Miolin

2009 - 2012: MA Performance (Lute)
Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Class of Peter Croton

2007 - 2008: Artist Diplom (Guitar)
Odheon Athenon
Class of Costas Cotsiolis

2001 - 2004: BA magna cum laude Performance (Guitar)
Jerusalem Academy of Music
Class of Yehuda Schryer

2001 - 2004: BA magna cum laude Psychology and Musicology
Hebrew University of Jerusalem